Gerard Watkins

Gerard Watkins was born in London in 1965. He grew up in Norway, in the USA and has been living in France since 1974. He wrote his first song in 1980 and his first play in 1981. He studied acting at the cours Florent and at the CNSAD. Since he has been working alternatively as actor playwrite, director, translator, and musician. He has worked in the theatre with Véronique Bellegarde, Julie Beres, Jean-Claude Buchard, Elizabeth Chailloux, Michel Didym, André Engel, Frederic Fisbach, Marc François, Daniel Jeanneteau, Philipe Lanton, Jean-Louis Martinelli, Lars Noren, Claude Régy, Yann Ritsema, Bernard Sobel, Viviane Theophilides, Jean-Pierre Vincent and Guillaume Vincent. In the movies with Julie Lopez Curval, Jérome Salle, Yann Samuel, Julian Schnabel, Hugo Santiago, et Peter Watkins. He has directed his theatre company since 1994 the Perdita Ensemble and has directed all of his plays. La Capitale Secrète, Suivez-Moi, Dans la Forêt Lointaine, Icône, La Tour, Identité, Lost (Replay), Je ne me Souviens Plus Très Bien, Scenes de Violences Conjugales. He is nominee for the Villa Medicis Hors les murs for a project on Europe, which he completed with the Erac scool of acting Europia / fable géo-poétique performed in Avignon in 2013 and at Marseille cultural capital 2013. He has been awarded Grand Prix de Littérature Dramatique 2010 for his play Identity. And has been nominee for Best French Playwrite for his play on domestic violence “Scenes de Violences Conjugales”.